To 13.4.2023 at 7 p.m.Frigg, Maija Kauhanen solo 

Founded in 2000, Frigg is one of Finland's best-known folk music bands in its home country and around the world. The hypnotic combination of the violin sound, which has already become a concept, and the irresistibly pounding ringing of strings and the pulse of the double bass is unique. Frigg's musicians: Petri Prauda, ​​Alina Järvelä, Esko Järvelä, Tommi Asplund, Tero Hyväluoma, Juho Kivivuori and Topi Korhonen.

Maija Kauhanen's strong vocals, heart-wrenching stories, gritty kantele and grooving percussion instruments - the pulse woven by polyrhythms and beats combined with hypnotic melodies create a unique sound world with the power of just one musician.

Tickets 20/15 € + delivery fee (from 1,50 €), Lippupiste. 
Kaikukortti event
Sello Hall