Thu 4 April 2024 at 7 pm MeNaiset, Panu Savolainen & JPP – bewitched by the song and the charm of swing

The MeNaiset singing group was born in the folk music department of the Sibelius Academy in the fall of 1992. The members of the group are extensively familiar with the vocal music of Finland, our ethnic groups and neighboring regions.
MeNainte’s music combines the songs of the Finno-Ugric peoples, new compositions and arrangements, and sound improvisation. The concert will feature Finnish, Estonian, Viennese-Karelian, Inger, Mordovian and Vepsa traditional and adapted songs, laments and spells, as well as MeNainte members’ own compositions.

The singers in the MeNaiset group are: Eila Hartikainen, Maari Kallberg, Anneli Kont, Sirkka Kosonen, Anna-Kaisa Liedes and Outi Pulkkinen.

There is no shortage of svengi when our country’s most legendary folk music group JPP joins forces with the better-known jazz vibraphonist Panu Savolainen. The repertoire, which combines jazz improvisation and the Kaustian violin playing tradition, which is also listed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, consists of Panu Savolainen’s more recent compositions as well as JPP’s classic pieces as well as the Charlie Parker repertoire, which will be implemented in 2020.
We are making room for dancing in the cello hall’s concert hall!
So the dancing people will be there too!

Tickets €23 / €18 + order fee (from €1.50), Lippupiste.
Kaikukortti event
Sello Hall
Duration from 19:00 to 21:20, incl. Intermission 20 min

After the concert, we continue in the atmosphere of jams in the Restaurant Base: the jams starting at 9:30 pm are hosted by the Konepajanpuisto orchestra. Welcome both musiciand and the audience!