19.6.2020 at 18 JuuriJuhla: Maria Kalaniemi & Marianne Maans – Midsummer moods -livestream

Midsummer moods

The duo’s concert offers its aucience traditional Finnish summer atmosphere. Beautiful, uprising and emotional evergreens, instrumentals and songs performed in unique interpretations with accordion, fiddle and vocals.

Maria Kalaniemi and Marianne Maans met at the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department in 1987 and have been friends ever since, also playing together in the group Ramunders Döttrar (later Ramunder) both in Finland and abroad. Today you can hear thirty years of friendship and life experience in their music and communication.

Maria Kalaniemi is an internationally renowned accordionist with a long career both in Finland and abroad. She has totally reformed the perception of the accordion and of accordion music.

Marianne Maans is a folk musician with deep roots in the Ostrobothnian fiddle tradition. She has a long experience in traditional folk music and a versatile profile as educator, musician and with different projects.

Site for the consert: https://www.facebook.com/JuuriJuhlaRotFest/live/