In the bilingual concert (finnish & swedish), we remember our sunny archipelago on the wing of music. On the horizon is the summer and the world’s most beautiful archipelago, wonderful fish meals on the deck of the boat, sunsets with music and dance. Espoo-based pelimanni and accordion artist Pekka Pentikäinen has sailed across the archipelago, and the beautiful island of Aspö in the middle of the Archipelago National Park has become his favorite place. A dozen inhabitants live on the island all year round, but in the summer the island is filled with both boats and cottages quests from the mainland, whose family roots are firmly attached to the mighty cliffs of Aspö.

Maria Kalaniemi, an accordion artist from Espoo, is also forever in love with our beautiful archipelago. Favorite places are Aspö and Utö, where you can spend longer periods in both summer and winter, while finding new musical inspirations.

Music is part of everyday life in Aspö. The island is home to e.g. Known as Aspö-Erik, a violinist and “master player”mestaripelimanni” who played a lot with Brunskärs Maja from the nearby island. Lasse Mårtensson was also a familiar sight with his boats in Aspö. On both islands, the music tradition continues strong in the future generations. In 2022 Tore Johansson from Aspö, received the title of “mestaripelimanni-tilte”.

From these islands, Peka and Maria’s fingers have touched numerous archipelago tunes, which will be heard in this concert.

Free entry
Duration about 60 min.

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