Sat 9.4. at 12 am Pilpatussoitto

Folk music bands from the Helsinki metropolitan area. at 12 Kesäpelimannit at 13 Vantaan pelimannit at 14 Leikarit Free entryIso Omena’s library, Stage

Fri 8.4. at 7 pm Antti Paalanen, ENKEL 

Musician and composer Antti Paalanen (b. 1977) has been prominent in the field of Finnish contemporary folk music for many years. Antti Paalanen makes his music on the bisonoric (diatonic) accordion, a common instrument in Finnish folk music for the past century. Paalanen has employed an organic performance style, new techniques and new expressive sonorities […]

To 7.4. at 7 pm Espoo festive cavalcade: Kardemimmit, Espoo fiddlers record pre-release, JuuriJuhla festive orchestra, Pole Pole and dance group Polskatroikka 

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the City of Espoo, Espoo festive cavalcade shows the rich, colorful and varied offer of Espoo’s folk music! Featuring the captivating kantele masters Kardemimmit, Polskatroikka, who offers acrobatic and delicate improvisational choreography and musical virtuosity, Pole Pole, who performs Tanzanian-style songs, and Espoo’s fiddlers at their record pre-release […]

Su 3.4. at 14.00 Melkutus

Folk music orchestras from Käpylä Music College, Juvenalia Music College, Pakila Music College. Guest artist Maria Kalaniemi and Timo Alakotila. Tickets 10/5 €, Sello Hall