JuuriJuhla - RotFest 20 years 2022




Among the representatives of Hungary’s rich folk music tradition, Muzsikás is perhaps the most legendary, internationally known and recognized band, celebrating a five-decade-long unique experience in “their favorite country, Finland”, as the band’s double bassist Dániel Hamar puts it. The band, founded in 1973, offers a memorable climax to the festival in Sellosal, which has just turned 20 years old. Muzsikás started when the 1970s dancehall movement and awareness of tradition reared its head in Hungary, and today the band is the undisputed cultural ambassador of its country, whose musicians are not only virtuosos of their instruments but also connoisseurs of musical tradition. Muzsikás, who has performed in all the most important concert halls in Europe, the United States and Japan, is coming to Finland after a long break – a warm welcome, we look forward to seeing you!  Mihály Sipos, violin
László Porteleki, violin, koboz, tambura, vocals
Dániel Hamar, double bass, gardon, drums
Péter Éri, viola, contra, flutes, mandolin
Hanga Kacsó, song, dance




Espoon Pelimannit

Espoon pelimannit – Esbo spelmanslag is a good-humoured and presentable folkmusic band from Espoo, whose groovy playing style is well known even outside the metropolitan area. The group is in great demand as a dance orchestra at various events, and the atmosphere goes through the roof.

The orchestra has all the key instruments used in folk music. The beat is guaranteed by multiple violins, accordions, clarinets, mandolins, guitars, contrabasses, and drums. The band consist of about 20 artists but when needed smaller ensembles can be arranged.


Teija Niku

Teija Niku is a Finnish accordionist, known for her expertise in Nordic and Balkan folk music. She has been described as a composer with an excellent sense of melody as well as inventive arranger, and her lyrical style of playing the accordion transcends technical accomplishment or pose.

Niku has released two solo albums: Memento (self-release 2017) and Finsko Pajdusko (Rockadillo Records 2011), which both made it to the list of The Best Albums of the Year on Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and latter mentioned was also nominated the Ethno Album of the Year in Finland’s version of the Grammys (Emma Gaala). Niku is also known for the bands Polka Chicks and Karuna as well as Teija Niku & Grupa Balkan, which also won the respected Konsta Jylhä Competition in 2012. In the past years Niku has diligently performed in the USA with duo Aallotar, combining Finnish and Finnish-American tradition, and started a new Teija Niku Kvartetti, which performs music from the Memento album with jazz influences.

Timo Alakotila & Petri Hakala: Mandolin concerto

Composer, pianist Timo Alakotila’s mandolin concerto for mandolinist Petri Hakala was completed in 2014. The parts of the concert, Movement 1-3: Polska Allegro, Polska Larghetto and Danza. They are based on the folk music tradition, but in Alakotila’s style, the composition is a combination of chamber and folk music and improvisation. This concerto has been described as a real challenge for the mandolin player.

In addition to Petri Hakala and Timo Alakotila, violinists Siiri Virkkala, Esko and Mauno Järvelä, cellist Marion Göbel and Swedish guitarist Roger Tallroth are playing the Mandolin Concerto.


The violin sound that has already become a concept, the irresistibly pounding Ring of strings and the beat of the double bass – this hypnotic combination is what Frigg is known for! One of Finland’s most internationally successful folk music bands will release a new album in the spring of 2023!
The band has two decades behind it, numerous laudatory album reviews and a thousand or so gigs in thirty countries. In connection with their eleventh album, Frigg returns to its roots, bowing in the direction of Finnish traditional music. The record has been inspired by historical playing styles and fiddlers from all over the country, without forgetting the strong connections to Kaustian violin playing, which UNESCO added to its list of intangible cultural heritage in 2021. Frigg approaches the material in its own style, with an open-minded and fresh vision while still respecting tradition and stylish details.
Frigg has conquered the world with a fusion of western folk music styles that leans heavily on Nordic pelimanni music, which the world music media has developed the term nordgrass to describe. Through traditional Finnish polska, bluegrass and Balkan rhythms, the band even takes its listeners to art music spheres – as if several different ensembles are visiting the stage at the same gig!
Alina Järvelä – violin
Esko Järvelä – violin Tommi Asplund – violin
Tero Hyväluoma – violin
Petri Prauda – mandolin, cittern
Topi Korhonen – guitar
Juho Kivivuori – bass


Maija Kauhanen

Strong vocals, a heart-wrenching story, gritty kantel and grooving percussion instruments – the pulse woven by polyrhythms and beats combined with hypnotic melodies create a unique sound world with the power of just one musician. Maija Kauhanen, who is one of Finland’s most internationally successful folk musicians, released her long-awaited second album in 2022. With the album, she took a leap towards singer-songwriter, while at the same time sticking to her rooted style and the rich Finnish-Karelian tradition. Musical influences are heard from folk music, indie pop and film music, and the songs reflect on one’s own space and money.



Får Seasons

Musicians in Får Seasons: Maria Kalaniemi, Pekka Pentikäinen, Marianne Maans and Bosse Mellberg


After 18 years of touring and having released several albums, Sväng released their first album about the Finnish traditional pelimanni music in November 2020.

In general Sväng stretch their repertoire undogmatically wide and invite their audience to an extraordinary journey of sounds: a free-spirited, sensual and vital mix of music, which has been honored with the attribute of the „harmonica equivalent of the Kronos-Quartet“. Contemporary harmonica music, which is certainly unprecedented in terms of compactness and virtuosity.



Eero Grundström:  harmonium & vocals
Emmi Kujanpää: vocals & kantele
Jarkko Niemelä: trumpet & vocals




JuuriJuhla-RotFest -association runs a systematic and participatory cultural project with the elderly. Activities in nursing homes are run by two music professionals, Maria
Kalaniemi and Elina Leskelä, and there is also expertise in therapy work and experience working with the elderly. Maria Kalaniemi and Elina Leskelä have such solid experience and extensive joint repertoire that audience can also hope for their own favorite songs.



To 13.4.2023 at 7 p.m.Frigg, Maija Kauhanen solo 

Founded in 2000, Frigg is one of Finland's best-known folk music bands in its home country and around the world. The hypnotic combination of the violin sound, which has already become a concept, and the irresistibly pounding ringing of strings...

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Fre 14.4. at 7 pm Sväng, Celenka 

Sväng has set new standards for harmonica music both with its repertoire and with his peculiar use of instruments. An international career of around 18 years has fascinated both audience and harmonica professionals around the world. The band’s own compositions...

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Sat 15.4. at 12 Pilpatussoitto of Espoon Kansanmusiikkikilta

Folk music groups from the Helsinki region are performing. Iso Omena library’s Stage and Sello’s library Free entry SELLO’S LIBRARYAt 12 o´clock Soukan Kansantanssijat, TanhuruhaAt 12.30 o´clock KuokkavieraatAt 13 o´clock Espoon KansantanssijatAt 13.30 o´clock Matti ReittamoAt 14 o´clock Kesäpelimannit ISON...

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Pakilan musiikkiopiston, Käpylän musiikkiopiston ja Musiikkiopisto Juvenalian kansanmusiikin opiskelijat esiintyvät omassa konsertissaan. Vierailijana konsertissa Maria Kalaniemi ja Timo Alakotila

Liput 10/5 €, ennakkomyynti juvenalia.mycashflow.fi


PolskaPandolfi -konsertissa barokkiviulisti Kreeta-Maria Kentala ja cembalisti Tea Polso yhdistelevät veret seisauttavia eteläpohjalaisia polskia ja villejä Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Meallin sonaatteja.
Espoon tuomiokirkko
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PolskaPandolfi -konsertissa barokkiviulisti Kreeta-Maria Kentala ja cembalisti Tea Polso yhdistelevät veret seisauttavia eteläpohjalaisia polskia ja villejä Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Meallin sonaatteja.
Espoon tuomiokirkko
Vapaa pääsy

Espoon kaupungin 50-vuotisjuhlavuoden kunniaksi Espoon kansanmusiikin juhlakavalkadi näyttää espoolaisen kansanmusiikkitarjonnan runsaan, värikkään ja monipuolisen tarjonnan laidasta laitaan!

Mukana on valloittavat kanteletaiturit Kardemimmit, akrobaattisen ja herkän improvisoivaa kansantanssiin perustuvaa koreografiaa ja musiikillista virtuositeettia tarjoava Polskatroikka, tansanialaistyylisiä lauluja esittävä Pole Pole sekä Espoon pelimannit levynjulkistuskeikallaan. Konsertin loppuhuipennuksena esiintyy tätä konserttia varten espoolaisista kansanmusiikin ammattilaisista koottu JuuriJuhlan juhlaorkesteri Maria Kalaniemen johdolla.
Liput 20/15 € + toimitusmaksu (alk. 1 €), Lippupiste: www.lippu.fi/artist/juurijuhla/

Rosoa ja rakkautta Pohjanmaan lakeuksilta

Kansanmusiikin sielun veljeksi tituleerattu Antti Paalanen (s. 1977) on keikkaillut viime vuosina sooloartistina laajasti ulkomailla, mm. Japanissa, Kanadassa, Venäjällä, Ranskassa, Sveitsissä, Itävallassa, Alankomaissa, Virossa sekä Pohjoismaissa. Paalasen hurjan musiikin välineinä ovat suomalaisesta kansanmusiikista tutut vähäriviset hanurit. Perinteestä innoituksensa saanut Paalanen on kuitenkin luonut täysin oman musiikkimaailmansa, jossa traditioon sekoittuu transsinomainen minimalismi, elektronisen tanssimusiikin hypnoottinen poljento, siperialaisen kurkkulaulutyylin tuomat jylhät äänimaisemat sekä modernin äänitekniikan hallittu ja oivaltava käyttö.
ENKEL on perinnettä kunnioittava ja muita kumartelematon pelimannityttöbändi, jonka ohjelmisto koostuu hittikappaleista aina 1800-luvulta 2020-luvulle asti. ENKELissä yhdistyvät luova hulluttelu ja syvä kunnioitus perinnettä ja omaa pelimanniutta kohtaan – ENKELissä jokainen on supersankari omalla laillaan. Yhtye käyttää ennakkoluulottomasti hyväkseen epätavallisen instrumentaationsa (kaksi 2,5-rivistä haitaria, kantele, viulu) kaikkia mahdollisuuksia ja viimeistelee sointinsa milloin kauniisti yhteen soivalla ja milloin tarkoituksenmukaisesti dissonoivalla laulullaan.
Liput 20/15 € + toimitusmaksu (alk. 1 €), Lippupiste: www.lippu.fi/artist/juurijuhla/

Esiintymässä pääkaupunkisedun kansanmusiikkiyhtyeitä.
Ison Omenan kirjaston Stage
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JuuriJuhla-RotFestin päätöskonsertti
Pauanne keinuttaa kuulijansa matkalle, jossa musiikin aikakaudet sulautuvat luonnollisesti toisiinsa. Viulu, Hammond-urut sekä erilaiset akustiset ja elektroniset lyömäsoittimet luovat osaltaan ajattoman tunnelman. Pauanne puhuu kansanmusiikin kieltä modernilla aksentilla siten että traditio taipuu meidän vuosituhannen ihmisten ymmärrettäväksi.
Aija Puurtinen & Brooklynin satu vie musiikin keinoin aikamatkalle amerikansuomalaiseen siirtolaisuuteen ja sen mielenmaisemaan. Tarjolla on akustisesti ja puoliakustisesti toteutettua, sekä suomeksi että ”fingelskaksi” esitettyä, voimakkaasti suomalaisesta ja amerikkalaisesta kansanmusiikista ammentavaa epookkia. Mausteena on folkia, bluesia ja jopa jamaikalaisia aineksia.
Liput 20/15 € + toimitusmaksu, Lippupiste: www.lippu.fi/artist/juurijuhla/