JuuriJuhla-RotFest -association has started a systematic and participatory cultural project with the elderly. JuuriJuhla-RotFest wants to profile itself as a producer of cultural services for people in nursing homes in addition to the Folk Music Festival, other folk music concerts and Kultuurikurkkaus-project by piloting the HoivaPelimanni project. In this project, we will seek experiences and test in a pilot experiment what will happen when nursing homes and memory centers receive a weekly communal, stimulating and interactive music session in their residents. The activities are participatory and the memories brought up by the music are discussed, emotions are experienced, all are present.

The effects of the activities are collected throughout the project.

Activities in nursing homes are run by two music professionals, Maria Kalaniemi and Elina Leskelä, and there is also expertise in therapy work and experience working with the elderly. They both have such solid experience and extensive joint repertoire that audience can also hope for their own favorite song. The project is coordinated by Päivi Ylönen-Viiri, Executive Director and Producer of JuuriJuhla-RotFest.