Värttina is one of our most internationally known Finnish folk music bands. Värttinä, one of the leading names in world music, creates stories for his listeners about the past and the present, utilizing the Karelian singing and fiddling tradition in his music.

Paleface (Karri Miettinen) is the mammoth and verbal genius of the Finnish hip-hop scene, who in recent years has taken on more and more echoes of the world of protest songs and boldly pushed the pain points of society with his sharp pen.

When Värttinä’s musicians take the same stage as Paleface, the audience is allowed to wait for verbal and musical fireworks!

Livestream 10 € + delivery fee (from 1 €), Lippupiste, https://www.lippu.fi/artist/juurijuhla/

The duration of the concert is about 60 minutes. The concert can be seen for 7 days.

Live Streaming from Sello Hall



JuuriJuhla’s concerts in Cello Hall turned into live streams. With a ticket purchased for hall concerts, you can watch all JuuriJuhla streams. Return of ticket money by March 28, 2021: https://web.lippu.fi/palautus/). If you have not applied for a refund of your ticket money by the deadline, you will receive a separate email in early April with instructions on how to watch live streams.

If you would like to attend the livestream concerts but have not provided your email address when purchasing your ticket, you can submit it on March 28th. by: 010 633 1030 or customerservice@lippu.fi. In your message, mention the subscriber’s name, order number and e-mail address to which you wish the streaming tickets to be delivered.