JuurJuhla - RotFest 2022

3-9.4.2022 (Updating going on)


Kreeta-Maria Kentala & Tea Polso


Espoon Pelimannit & Elina Sauri












JuuriJuhlan juhlaorkesteri


Antti Paalanen




Aija Puurtinen & Brooklynin satu






Sun 3.4.2922 at 14.00 Melkutus

Performing a large folk music orchestra from Käpylä Music College, Juvenalia Music College, Pakila Music College.

Tickets 10/5 €
Sello Hall



Mon 4.4.2022 at 19 Kreeta-Maria Kentala & Tea Polso: Polska Pandolfi

In the PolskaPandolfi concert, Baroque violinist Kreeta-Maria Kentala and harpsichordist Tea Polso combine blood-stopping South Ostrobothnian polska and wild sonatas by Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Meall.

Espoo Cathedral

Free entry

Wed 6.4.2022 at 13.30.-15.15 Dances to the beat of Espoon Pelimannit. Soloist Elina Sauri

The foyer in the Sello hall will be filled again after a two-year break from happy dancers! Espoo’s fiddlers and Elina Sauri are in charge of the dance music!
Café open
Free entry
Sello Hall foyer


Thu 7.4.2022 at 19 Espoo's festive cavalcade: Kardemimmit, Espoo's fiddlers' record release, JuuriJuhla's festive orchestra, Pole Pole and the dance group Polskatroikka

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the City of Espoo, the Espoo Folk Music Festival JuuriJuhla-RotFest shows the richness and colorfulness of Espoo’s folk music! Featuring the captivating kantele masters Kardemimmit, Polskatroikka, who offers acrobatic and delicate improvisational choreography and musical virtuosity, Pole Pole, peforming Tanzanian-style songs, and Espoo’s fiddlers at their record release gig. The culmination of the concert will be the JuuriJuhla Festival Orchestra, composed of Espoo-based folk music professionals, conducted by Maria Kalaniemi.

Tickets 20/15 € + delivery fee (from 1 €), Lippupiste (not yet available)

Kaikukortti card event

Sello Hall



Fri 8.4.2022 at 19 Antti Paalanen, ENKEL

Musician and composer Antti Paalanen (b. 1977) has been prominent in the field of Finnish contemporary folk music for many years. Antti Paalanen makes his music on the bisonoric (diatonic) accordion, a common instrument in Finnish folk music for the past century. Paalanen has employed an organic performance style, new techniques and new expressive sonorities to expand the potential of the instrument to embrace a variety of genres. ENKEL are a traditional music girl band from Finland made up of two melodeons, kantele, viola and four voices;
four personable, unique and folky ladies with their instruments, sharing a great passion for traditional music,
​social folk dancing and telling stories through instrumental arrangements.
Tickets 20/15 € + delivery fee (from 1 €), LippupisteKaikukortti eventSello Hall


Sat 9.4.2022 at 19 JuuriJuhla-RotFest: Pauanne, Aija Puurtinen & Brooklynin satu

JuuriJuhla-RotFest closing concertPauanne is rocking his listeners on a journey where the eras of music naturally merge. The violin, hammond organ and various acoustic and electronic percussion instruments contribute to creating a timeless atmosphere. Pauanne speaks the language of folk music with a modern accent so that tradition bends to be understood by the people of our millennium.Aija Puurtinen & Brooklynin satu takes music through its time travel to American Finnish migration and its mental landscape. There is an epoch made acoustically and semi-acoustically, presented in both Finnish and “Fingelska”, which strongly draws on Finnish and American folk music. The spice is folk, blues and even Jamaican ingredients.

Tickets 20/15 € + delivery fee (from 1 €), Lippupiste (not yet available)

Kaikukortti event

Sello Hall